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UK suppliers of GoSun Stoves


Our mission is simple...

Founders Altaf Hussain and Antony Pawlett.

Our Story:

With a longstanding interest in sustainable technologies, Altaf Hussain was a kickstarter founder of GoSun. Altaf approached Antony Pawlett as an ideal partner to help develop We have a common interest in sustainable, ethical and innovative products. 

Outdoor Recreation
Clean Energy

Helping the Planet

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Across the world, in the developed and developing nations, fuel for cooking is an issue. In the developing nations, we are worried about fuel bills, and about pollution and sustainability. For some - but not all - in developing nations these issues seem like luxuries and poverty and sanitation are critical. Fuel free cooking is a wonder product, like wind farms that harvest the natural energy, fuel free cooking using the Sun's rays is a wonderful way to change the way we live for the better.

Helping the Children

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ecochef seeks to work with Schools and young people to show how innovative design can bring exciting new products. We are happy to demonstrate how our solar cookers harness teh sun's energym, using clever parabolic reflectors and vacuum tube technology to create a product. Please get in touch and we will be happy to demonstrate the product, explain some of the science behind it, and, working with your staff, lead a workshop with children on product design. 

Helping You

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Whether you are a retailer, backpacker, backgarden ecoBBQ'er, sailor, School, faith group, charity, and whatever your needs we are here to help. Please contact us for further information about our exclusive range of GoSun stoves.